Our work on the interior design project begins with the first meeting with the customer. The interior designer tries to find out about customer preferences, wishes and demands. During the design of the interior we strive to fulfill the wishes of the customer as accurately as possible. In cases where this is not technically possible, we propose other optimal options. After that, we define a more detailed concept of the style of living space and create a visual model that can be used to visualize the end result even before the actual interior decoration work begins.


The first step in the work is to draft a project. This includes negotiating with the customer about interior design ideas and concepts, interior designer's visit to the interior design and creating a master plan, making a decision about space allocation and creating a visual model.


The next step is to create an interior design plan that begins with selecting building materials that are not part of the technical process itself. These include: furniture, interior and exterior doors, lamps, sanitary fittings and decorative textiles.


In addition to this project, the project includes visual designers and other specialists such as space finishing, experts. Our Architectural Office guarantees the uniqueness of each project. We are ready to present the client with a portfolio of projects that have already been completed in different conditions of difficulty and style. We guarantee a unique approach for each customer in creating a decorative design that assures each specific item of specific order and the ideal end result.